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Wow we're done. We just uploaded our paper, right on time at 01:59. Or 9:59 Australian time.
We wouldn't have thought that we would actually be able to work all the time without any bigger breaks.

First takeaway: Tired, but happy!
Now we'll be off and get some sleep. And then patiently wait for the results.

See you then! Good night!
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Video online!!!

Our video finally uploaded! Yaaay!! :D

Here it is! Enjoy!

Paper writing...

It got dark now here in Germany. While others are going to bed, we are getting our heads deep into the paper. The video is currently uploading into our Drive, before it's going to be published on YouTube. Really looking forward to it! :-)

However, the paper is turning out to be quite a challenge. We are discussing some sentences word by word, just to get out the best we can manage. Special thanks to our American, Evan, on the team, because he can check all our spelling mistakes :D

And we're also really anticipating the results of mini challenge 3! Hopefully they are coming soon. Really wanna know if we did well there...

Pizza Break!!!

We're now having a little break for dinner and having pizza! Greetings to Raquel, who's sitting in Spain and has to watch us eating ;-)

Video almost done!

After having finished the filming we're now already almost done with the editing of our video. The paper is also in the doing, but still has to be worked on.

We've been working now for about 12 hours without more than 5minute-breaks in between, so we start to feel kinda brainwashed now. I'm pretty amazed how fast the time went by! But still more than 7 hours to go...

Storyboarding break

We were hurrying to finish the storyboard in time for Mini Challenge 3, but managed it luckily. Now we're enjoying some brownies and fruits while planning our video and paper! Prototyping is also currently being done and will hopefully be finished soon!

Mini Challenge 3: Storyboard

Here is our storyboard.

DescriptionStoryboardMargaret often cooks too much for herself and does not want to waste food.
Luiz is busy studying and has no time to cook.
Margaret uses our food sharing app and offers a free meal to the community.
Luiz sees Margaret's meal and accepts it. A delivery drone picks up the meal from Margaret and sends it to Luiz. Luiz enjoys the meal and sends a thank you message to Margaret.
Margaret is happy that her meal is appreciated.